As we journey through the liturgical season of Lent and approach our celebration of Easter, we will be going through a new message series focused on several of the simple stories, commonly called parables, that Jesus offered. Our new series, Com(Parable), will reveal how these parables compare and can influence our own stories and faith. We hope you will find your place within these inspiring tales Jesus shared.

April 5, 2020

Patient Grace (Palm Sunday)

Pastor: Series: com(Parable) Topic: Grace Scripture: Luke 15:11–32

March 29, 2020

com(Parable): Room to Grow

Pastor: Series: com(Parable) Topic: Spiritual Growth Scripture: Matthew 13:1–23

March 22, 2020

com(parable): Return on Investment

Pastor: Series: com(Parable) Topic: Expectations Scripture: Matthew 25:14–29

March 8, 2020

Com(Parable): The Guest List

Pastor: The Rev. Kathy Mitchell Series: com(Parable) Topic: God's Invitation Scripture: Luke 14:15–23

March 1, 2020

Crazy Compassion

Pastor: Series: com(Parable) Topic: Compassion Scripture: Luke 10:25–37

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